Fabricación a terceros de cosmética natural y vegana

Manufacture to third parties of natural and vegan cosmetics

HILAB: Hipertin Group's leading third-party manufacturing laboratories in natural and vegan cosmetics

Hipertin Group is a leading company in the field of vegan and natural cosmetics. In our third-party manufacturing laboratory, HiLab, we work to provide our customers with high-quality, sustainable products that meet the highest international safety standards. Our focus on the manufacture of cosmetic products for third parties allows us to offer a personalized service adapted to the specific needs of each client. We have a complete team that allows us to develop exclusive formulas and manufacture products with the brand of our clients, with a complete development cycle, from the initial idea, going through the formulation, packaging design, and reaching the final production and delivery of the product.

In addition, at Hipertin Group we are proud to be pioneers in the use of vegan and natural ingredients in our production line, and in most of our products. Of course, we also offer the creation of vegan and natural formulas through HiLab, our third-party manufacturing laboratory. Both at Hipertin and at HiLab we avoid the use of products of animal origin or their derivatives, always prioritizing plant and natural origin over chemical origin, which is much more aggressive with the skin and also with the environment.

HiLab: Hipertin's third-party manufacturing laboratory

Thanks to our specialization and experience in the production of natural and vegan cosmetic products, we can offer our clients, through our third-party production laboratory, high-quality products that comply with all Spanish and international regulations. Since we prioritize natural origin in our production, our products are free of preservatives, dyes, parabens, sulfates, and components of animal origin. That is why our products are especially effective and respectful of the skin, and can be used on all skin types, including the most sensitive. Our cosmetic products are ideal for a healthier and more sustainable personal care routine.

At Hipertin Group and at our third-party cosmetics manufacturing laboratory HiLab, we firmly believe in the importance of being environmentally responsible. That is why at HiLab we work to reduce our environmental impact through sustainable practices in the use of energy and water, and also in waste management, complying with all established regulations. In our third-party production laboratory, we have solar panels that allow us to generate clean and renewable energy, thus reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to the fight against climate change. It is our grain of sand to improve the planet. In addition, we also work with a packaging and casing creation team that prioritizes the use of recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials, thus contributing to reducing the amount of waste and promoting a circular economy.

Fabricación a terceros de cosmética natural y vegana

HiLab's best resource: our human team

Hipertin’s third-party production laboratory, which we call HiLab, has a highly trained and experienced human team, made up of technicians, chemists, beauty professionals, graphic designers, marketing experts, and packaging and logistics experts, who work together to create, develop and produce natural and vegan cosmetic products that meet the highest expectations of our customers. All the members of our work team have extensive experience in their field of specialization and are continuously updated and trained in the latest trends and advances in the cosmetics industry. That is why we are sure to offer the best and most innovative cosmetic manufacturing products to third parties.

The products developed and created at HiLab also have an extra guarantee: our excellent quality control team, and our great regulatory professionals. Both are in charge of ensuring that our third-party manufacturing products comply with Spanish and European safety and quality standards before being sent to our customers and released on the market. Our quality control and regulatory team perform the most extensive tests and evaluations on each product to ensure that it complies with all established rules and regulations, and also to demonstrate and ensure its efficacy and safety.

The product development process at HiLab

At Hilab we work closely with our clients to develop the best products that meet their expectations, and to create exclusive formulas and high-quality products under their own brand. We understand the different needs and requirements of each client, and we work together to develop the best products that meet their specifications. We fully adapt to each client to carry out their project with the greatest guarantee of success, and that is why we are leaders in the production and manufacture of cosmetics for third parties through our HiLab laboratory.

For each client we offer an ad hoc service in the development of the project, including:

  • Research and development (R&D) for the creation of a range of products.
  • Exclusive formulation, with a catalog of formulas and personalized options.
  • Validation of compatibility, tightness and stability.
  • Concept and design, including active principles, aroma, color, graphic design, containers and packaging.
  • Quality control with official certifications for the maximum guarantee.
  • Own manufacturing with the latest technology.
  • Control of microbial contamination of materials, processes and final product.
  • Packaging with standard or customized options.
  • Documentation processes and regulatory registration.
  • Logistics, with delivery to the customer’s warehouse.

We also offer tailor-made services, including manufacturing for third parties with personalized projects and creation of bespoke cosmetic brands. We have an R&D department to innovate and develop new products, and a wide range of beauty products tested by stylists and consumers from all over the world.

Our manufacturing to third parties is certified by IDO 14001, EMAS, and ISO 22716 (good manufacturing practices). We offer a highly qualified marketing team with solutions in the creation and commercialization phases, and an efficient logistics service with impeccable and punctual deliveries.

Why work with a third-party manufacturing laboratory?

At HiLab we are experts in cosmetics and manufacturing for third parties. HiLab, Hipertin’s third-party production laboratory, is the best option for the creation, preparation and production of your cosmetics brand. At Hipertin we have more than 75 years of experience that support us to provide agile and professional advice in the creative process of your brand project.

We have a team of professionals that will adjust to the needs of the product and the brand at all times, contributing ideas, advising, and directing the product creation process, solving any legal, technical, or commercial complication. At HiLab we will be at your service during all phases of development and creation, providing you with a finished cosmetic product, ready to go on the market.

Due to our experience, human team, and ease of creation of any cosmetic product, HiLab is the best option for the development of your brand and for the manufacture of cosmetic products for third parties. Do not hesitate to contact us to start your new cosmetics project.