Experts in body cosmetic products specifically indicated according to the area of the body.


Experts in body cosmetic products specifically indicated according to the area of the body.

Thanks to the experience with products indicated for hair care, we have been able to broaden horizons and thus offer formulas for body care with multiple benefits thanks to advances in cosmetics.
Exfoliating, moisturizing and ritual products are part of the range of body cosmetics products that position Hipertin as an industry leading company.

In order to continue growing, we position a large part of our resources in our R&D department, where we continuously search for quality formulas that constitute a guarantee for skin care.

Learn about our body cosmetic products:

  • Body oils

Body oils are products that provide great hydration. Body oils are highly demanded products by the consumer since they are products that moisturize, care for the skin, repair and give smoothness.

Body oils are products that are usually formulated with a high concentration of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids.

  • Body lotions

Body creams, or body lotions, are indicated for daily use and they also provide hydration to the skin and protect it, although not to the same extent as body oils.
The application of body creams is usually recommended to be accompanied by a massage as a circulation stimulant and for faster absorption.
There are many types of body lotions depending on the application area of the body cream, and depending on the mode of application or the different effects. Examples:

  • Cold effect body creams
  • After-shower Body creams
  • After-Sun creams
  • Calming effect creams

  • Body scrubs

Body scrubs or products for physical exfoliation are body cosmetic products with added granulation that, by rubbing with the skin, manages to remove dead skin cells.

Body peelings are usually indicated for use prior to hydration and for weekly use. The application is done in a smooth and circular way, softly squeezing to avoid injuries. Afterwards, let the product act and rinse.

With the use of a quality body peeling, we obtain a clean skin, without flaking, ready for subsequent hydration with a cream or body oil.

  • Sun products for the body

There are many types of Sun body care products. It is always recommended to use Sun protection products, on a daily basis or after a long exposure to the sun, as it can cause harmful effects on the skin and on health.

We can talk about many types of Sun products:

  • Body products for sun exposure: they help protect the skin from the effects of sun exposure.
  • Self-tanning or tanning body products: they help achieve the desired skin tone without spending so much time in the sun.
  • After-Sun Body products: use them after a prolonged exposure to the sun, they help moisturize and soothe the skin.