hipertin group renueva la GMP

Hipertin Group renews the GMP

Hipertin Group renews its GMP certificate (ISO: 22716), the standard on good manufacturing practices for cosmetic products.

Hipertin Group, as a cosmetics laboratory for third-party manufacturing with more than 70 years of experience, is constantly improving to guarantee the highest quality in the manufacturing process of cosmetic products.

Hipertin Lab, HiLab, is a manufacturer for third parties with comprehensive service in the development of your project: manufacture of cosmetic products with service in design, marketing and development, formulation, manufacture and packaging of cosmetic products.

Hipertin Group, following a conscious course towards responsible manufacturing, continues to certify regulations by the most important international organizations that we implement in each of the phases of the production process: such as ISO:14001, EMAS, ISO:22716…)

ISO 22716 certification ensures compliance with all recommended good manufacturing practice guidelines for cosmetics during the production, packaging, control, storage and shipping of cosmetic products.

A set of standards, processes, human resources, infrastructure and technical procedures, the application of which must guarantee the quality and controlled production of each batch of cosmetic products, minimizing contamination factors within the production chain in order to obtain a safe product for be used by humans.

Advantages of ISO 22716

  1. Control hazards and risks
    ISO 22716 certification guarantees the implementation of good manufacturing practices to control the hazards and risks associated with cosmetic products. This ensures continuous improvement throughout the supply chain and guarantees the well-being of consumers.
  2. Supply chain management
    Like any other internationally recognized standard, ISO 22716 certification enables your organization to manage quality and safety compliance in the supply chain of your cosmetic products.
  3. Compliance with regulations and legislation
    Written by professionals in the cosmetics industry, ISO 22716 certification supports your organization’s efforts to maintain current and future compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
Hilab: Laboratorio Hipertin

At present, the concept of “sustainable development” has gained strength in the streets, social networks, etc., both at a social, political and economic level.

Simplifying, sustainable development speaks of a development that uses the resources available in the present without compromising the resources of the future, for the well-being of our planet and our future generations.

Part of the problem is due to population growth on a global scale and the pace of this increase seems to be continuing. This growth implies that, together with the consumption habits of world society, the demand for resources of goods that, for the most part, come from natural resources is increasing.

Added to this high consumption of natural resources is the impact produced by agricultural and industrial production on the environment. In the current manufacturing processes, a significant waste of water is generated, the forests deteriorate with the felling of trees… all of them being resources that are renewed at a very slow speed, much slower than those at which they are exploited.

We understand that it is a global exercise but that all of us, with our small contribution, must put it into practice individually.